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John Hale from the Crucible Essay - Words | Cram

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Expository Essay

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    The Role Of John Proctor In The Crucible

    Students trust us. Online Homework Help at Its Best Online academic help is a solution many students use to save their time, their place, and their grades. Read more. When she falls for John Proctor, she knows that their dalliance cannot possibly have a happy outcome.

    Proctor will not leave his wife, because divorce would be unthinkable, and he will not continue the affair, because he remains wracked with guilt over what his society considers the grave sin of extramarital sex. Nor can Abigail comfort herself with the knowledge that she will find another lover sooner or later.

    Desirable men, let alone desirable men willing to sleep with women who are not their wives, are a rarity in Salem.

    Essay Instructions & Rubric for the Crucible

    Abigail cannot find relief by talking about her problems, since her behavior, shocking by the standards of the day, would horrify other members of her community. Frustrated at every turn, Abigail turns to violent scheming. When the spells she asks Tituba to perform snowball into a hunt for witches, Abigail sees a chance to get rid of Elizabeth Proctor, the woman she holds responsible for impeding her sexual fulfillment. Society teaches these girls that their physical urges are unnatural, even sinful.

    The Crucible: The Power of the Dramatic Form (essay-friendly!)

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