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They'll be done. All right, did you read the book?

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What was it about? In case our teacher asks us. It starts there the old man and his job is to catch the fish so he get in the boat, to try and catch fish. So he catch the fish, but the fish is very strong so the old man, cannot reel in the fish.

How to write letter example

So then he fight the fish. Some more. And he finally catch the fish. He catches the fish so, then he can make money. No, because on the way home, the sharks come and eat the fish. And so, he no make money. That's it, that's the whole story? All right, did you write the four essays? All right! Okay, let's have 'em. You said you all wrote essays. Well, my ese lives in Miami. I wrote to him like you said, but I don't think he got the letter yet.

I wrote my ese in Albuquerque. I wrote three eses: my ese back home, my ese in Denver and my ese in Glenwood even wrote me back. Why the hell would we pay you to write your friends?! We thought it was kind of strange. This is your fault, Cartman!

Write my essay south park — Essay writing services from professional academics.

Now we're gonna fail! You guys, school starts in ten minutes! Heyhey Clyde! You didn't finish your essay either, right? No, I got it done. Jimmy, did you finish your book report? I feel pretty good about it. I finished my whole book report. And I got a really nice letter from my ese who works down at the U-Haul. Hello, class. Here's my little desk, my nice lil chalkboard.

Garrison, about our book reports. Oh, that's okay Eric. If you need a little more time with your homework, just say so. Kids, I need to tell you something that you might find shocking. I'm gay. It was a shock to me too. I met another woman and we went to this fabulous bar called "Les Bos" where I finally felt at home. Allyson and I talked and really opened up to each other and then we scissored all night long.

You have to be careful with scissors. But listen, I am not going to just rush into a relationship with Allyson. I'm a late-in-life lesbian. So I need to play the field for a while, right?

Ten steps to writing an essay

Oh I'm so happy. That's great!

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Hey Tracy, hey Kate. Looking hot, Linda. Wanna go somewhere and scissor later on? Hey Patty. Oh, stop giving me that look.

Writing Eses - Video Clip | South Park Studios Nordics

Scissoring me with your eyes. Hey Janet, why don't you pick up on your own girl? Oh yeah, dyke fight! You kicked me right in the pussy! Oh, we're scissoring. You guys. You guys, stop it. Listen to me, everybody.

I got some bad news. They're closing down the bar. For good! Closing it down? They can't do that. This is our home. Well it's true, I just talked to the owners.

We aren't going anywhere! We have a history here! Persians are closing this bar over my dead lesbian body! Mayor, this is an outrage! We are being discriminated against as lesbians! You're a lesbian now?

South Park 11X07 Mexicans Writing Essays

A proud lesbian! And our home is being taken away! The bar has been sold to Persian club owners. I don't know what you want me to do about it.