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  1. Public defense of the doctoral thesis and PhD degree
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  4. Doctorate at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Act of public thesis defence. International doctorate certification in the doctoral degree. Article-based theses. Student reading process. Total reading process. Publication of the thesis. Theses lists. Contest "Thesis in 4 minutes". Special doctoral award.

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Resolution of doctoral theses. The thesis defence must be held on a teaching day and is open to the public. Reading and defence The thesis defence consists in presenting the research carried out, the methodology used, the results obtained and the conclusions, focusing particularly on novel contributions to the field arising from the research. Assessment Once the defence and discussion of the thesis have been completed and the public has left the room, each examiner draws up an a ssessment rep ort using a standard template. Cum laude distinction If the overall mark awarded is Excellent , the examination panel may award a cum laude distinction by secret ballot.

JCR-indexed journals. Approval of the contributions by the scientific and academic community, accredited by the dissemination of results at leading conferences in the field. Other reasons related to scientific importance, socio-economic impact and obtaining of patents. After voting individually, the examiners must each place the form in an envelope and seal it.

Public defense of the doctoral thesis and PhD degree

The cum laude distinction will be awarded only if all votes are in favour. Recording the result in the official examination results. Recording the result on the copy of the thesis. Notifying the doctoral candidate, the department and the examiners of the result. Recording the result in the Doctoral Student Activity Report. Signing the official examination results. Documentation The secretary or delegate UPC member of the examination panel, coordinator or administrative officer in charge of the doctoral programme will submit all of the documentation for the defence to the Doctoral School within 5 business days.

She knew the material but her nervousness and lack of preparation got the best of her. She regrets to this day not following my advice. Recognizing that both extremes are, well, extreme, I developed the following suggestions for a good final defense before, during, and after the event. First, though, for your greater perspective, especially in U.

Doubtless all members have their own defense horror stories, and your defense may trigger echoes of theirs. Their egos are at stake in your meeting, and they probably want to show off to each other. They also may want to show off by asking you tough questions. And yes, they may be unpredictable, quirky, mercurial. But remember that they are also upholding the high research standards of the university and their part in it.

Keep in mind too that they have worked hard to get where they are. You will thank yourself for it later. Remind yourself that you are the expert on your dissertation, especially every time your stomach sinks. Read the university manual on defense protocols. Attend several defenses before your own to familiarize yourself with the process. Ask your chair for advice. About a month before the defense, schedule a meeting and discuss the defense format and range of possible questions. Ask the chair to look at your PowerPoint beforehand they often want to and will critique it and ask too for diplomatic insights on the committee members.

Especially if other candidates have had your chair, study their final PowerPoints. Creating the new slides from your dissertation will help you remember, review, and summarize everything.

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  6. Type out your answers. You can refine them later. Make sure your dissertation backs up your answers for example, correct number of participants, statistical results, themes revealed. Know your material! Some candidates mark a hard copy of their dissertation at the pages reflecting anticipated questions. If you do, you can turn to the pages quickly.

    Dissertation defence

    If your university has a media specialist, schedule an appointment for your electronic needs for the PowerPoint and have a list ready. Alone in the room, do a mock rehearsal. Stand at the podium and look out into the vast sea of faces eager for your wisdom. See the chair and committee members sitting there beaming at you. Choose clothes that look and feel professional and get them in shape. The night before, go to the movies, binge watch your favorite TV show, or do something physical. No alcohol. Arrive early and meditate beforehand either in your car, on a bench outside, or even in the empty room.

    When the committee starts asking questions, have a notepad and pen ready to take notes, and take your time responding.

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    The committee will admire your response. At the end of the defense, smile, shake hands admittedly clammy , and thank everyone profusely. Tell them you enjoyed the meeting it is possible. Expect some revisions. Or offer to pick them up or ask them to email you their marked-up copies or lists of revisions.

    Study up on all the red-tape requirements and regulations for revised documents, all committee signatures, and final deposit of the dissertation. Your story will be a much happier one, and as you continue in your successful professional career, your defense will shine forever bejeweled in your memory. Love the Thesis whisperer and want it to continue?

    Every time panic hits, practice defensive affirmations: I am perfectly competent, confident, express, poised. I am in command of myself. I look forward to sharing what I know and have learned. My defense goes perfectly. The committee is for me. I trust my knowledge, good work, and good mind to come up with the right answers. I know everything I need to know, instantly. I now visualize the movie of my perfect defense.

    I see myself poised and self-assured, talking easily about any aspect of the work, adlibbing from the PowerPoint. I graciously accept all compliments about the brilliance of my presentation. You have passed!

    Thank you, everyone, for your cogent and forthright replies. Glad the post has been helpful. Students therefore need to take the viva very seriously. Bottom line is, take the viva very seriously as in all probability it will directly influence the outcome. Finally, there is a tradition here of either a buffet provided by the student or the supervisor, depending on departmental norms or going out for lunch or drinks afterwards.

    Talk to your supervisor and see who is responible for organizing the celebration afterwards.

    Doctorate at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

    My university provided prosecco, definitely the best glass or 2, or 3 I have had! My supervisor also told me not to make too many changes to the presentation based on the feedback, because the reviewers have already prepared their questions, and if they are no longer relevant, who knows what they many askā€¦.

    Oh good points! I am right now preparing my presentation while I wait for my examiners evaluation reports to come in.